Um Teste de Cor que Pode Dizer a Sua Idade Mental

Inscreva-se em Incrível: vezes o seu cérebro se “sente” muito mais jovem ou mais velho do que você é de fato. Isso é chamado de idade mental. Você quer saber a sua? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nossas Redes Sociais:Facebook: Crafts Youtube: mais vídeos e artigos, acesse:

Nikoloz Tavish

I went from bullied to broke

Luis F. Pena Espinoza

We gone ignore that the ball would've went in if the ref wasn't in the way? Hustle gone to waste

Bubba Tao

I think a better idea would be a guaranteed minimum job. Perhaps part time extra jobs like helping the elderly or disabled for a relatively high wage 25-40/ hour to supplement those with poor incomes, while at the same time accomplishing something of value. Maybe hire people just to make art for art's sake and/or to beautify grim neighborhoods in order to increase hope. Take a look around the country and you'll find some pretty gnarly places and think how you would feel if you lived there.

Ergün Doğan


Ashley M

Yay! This was a big moviewhen I was younger!!!!

Infinite Wolf Gaming

@ start tee ball


Asgar Khan

@jmjdmkm true that dude AND! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>

Cynical Synthetic

in the second easter egg who is his character, p-body or something

Jett Johnston

50 mill subsand panda shows his face

up my ass

I would pay you to talk quietly in my ear.

I like how it shows like they say never judge a book by its cover but you never really know much about a person until you read in further.

Andy Greco

please just watch my video, i put alot of work and time into it thanks alot if u stopped by! /watch?v=q6ea74527NQ&feature=plcp

yvnggang _



drunk again ?

Gacha Tekh

I guess Elon Musk

COD- squad71

911 all over again. =(

Reaper Tekemi

Anyone else see the kid guru Easter egg he put in


Im smuggler sure

Hannah loves to watch lufu

I have both😭😭😭😭😭

Berenice Penguin

As someone who just came out to my mom, the rest of my family rejecting me is my worse fear. Just recently, my aunt accused me of influencing her daughter to change her sexuality; she told my mom she didn’t want me to be with her kid anymore and that just hurt me. And i find it so unfair that this girl gets to be treated like an innocent angel for putting people down like that.

Christopher Andreko

tiny Tom looks like Jaxon

“f L” 😂😂😂😂😂


연습 좀 더 ㅋ

Jamilah Limoi

I love dp

Jayden R

wait ive been avoiding this video because i know i’m going to cry—

Kanye East


Brainfreeze: gold breaker and frozen fruit. A psychopath broke into our house

Little-big Trickshots

2020 anyone?