The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Artist : The TemptationsTitle : Papa was a rolling stoneAlbum : All DirectionsYear : 1972Label : Warwick, Miracle, Gordy, Motown, Atlantic, New Door/

Pony Friendship

I fell in love in 9

Demonetization Bot


WoolTec Mc

Fuck money! Looks like they have way too much fun...


This was a fun battle

Eden Giday

Dangggg these days we bully people for their shoes and hairline

Sonaldo is King

I hate people that think they're different because they dont watch game of thrones. YOU'RE NOT.

Aidan Chavez

You suck


is this anime?

Patience Blue

Start of video: I got struck by lightning!


hold 6 for disco dancing


sjws and feminism

Martin Wullenweber

i dont get the sstv thing

Glitter Gal

Damn this sound like the intro to a album 🔥

Anti-Logan Paul

God doesn't agree with Gays, but he did say to respect peoples choices and opinions.

Amazed Centurionvlogs

ok when I was playing if you shoot the water 13 times with any gun and crash a jet into the water you will see a nuke blowing up in the distance this is a reference to batman: the dark knight rises

Also, I fucking love you so much.


playing music: My dick is big