The Future Of Residential Housing - Zero Energy Housing

The concept of insulated panels has previously been used in commercial building projects only. Bondor has now developed an insulated panel InsulWall® specifically for residential applications. Together with the already popular roofing product SolarSpan®, InsulWall® is expected to revolutionise Australian housing design and construction.Australia's new 6-Star Energy Efficiency requirement for new homes will demand significant advancements in the choice of materials for Australian residential construction practices.Insulated Construction Australia will demonstrate how uncomplicated the system can be to build an aesthetically pleasing home that meets and exceeds thermal performance requirements. Using technology that enables people to save on future energy bills by providing an affordable energy efficient family home of the future which requires significantly less construction time.

Day 5: the leftovers😂



Mike H.

It's like your in my head, thanks bro I needed this. I did not realize it is exactly the same for someone else.



skip really doesn't get it at all. it's telling when an analyst bases his opinions on DATA instead of an instinctive knowledge of the game, and it's why this is one of the worst sports analyst shows on the air, cause skip is a data-boy, and not someone who played ANY-DAMN-THING.

Astro Luna

People are saying he’s a monster but he isn’t! Here’s my explanation, love as it is, is a stressful and hard thing to idk, handle I suppose. This is a smart card though cause he got to know if he had feelings and he realized he still loved her and went back to her not like a lot of men do so come on people and get mature. You can’t force love nor stay with someone you think isn’t right for you.

Yara Oliveira


cutie pies

My #1 dad

beefboss legend

49:percent of comments about needing alot of stuff 50:percent of comments about Jeff toney Mr.t1:percent about the new office

Knight Solaire

Too sunny for Garrett to participate?

hMmM Is he dRuNk again???


Eva Nichol

I just ignore the phone and like 5 hours later I'll say " Oh! Sorry!! I was on a walk with my family then we decided to play a 'Family Board Game' " Or something!... I believe i am an introvert, all my few friends think so to. Yet i also have social anxiety and anxiety in general. I hate Parties!!

Charles Mcguire

3:20 lol

Samantha Anderson

who is here 2019?it will make sense soon I promise

Maybe you should also check out french movie Blue Is The Warmest Color, I think there were good sounds with food, and also some whispering :)


you missed one its where you go to man bats cell and talk to him then you quit the game and change the date to october 31st

Marco Palacios

You can spot a controller near the end of the movie, could it be how the ps5 controller would look like?

fish n sticks

Now she can make anyone gay

Noah Schneider

Check out our trick shots!!

Neenee Castillo

I’m glad you got the good end of the stick my grandma abused my mom when she was young and my mom hated it and said to her that she can’t abuse me but I was abused and left outside for hours from like 10 am (when my mom left for work) to like 6 pm (before my mom got home and we too left when I was age 5 and now I’m 13 it also kinda sucks that my uncle did something to my cousins and me that my parents refuse to tell me it’s kinda scary

Gavin Pejakovich

I hate when tyler wins he s so annoing

Brandt Moritz

So heartwarming

anthony rico servin

guru keep it up bro love your vids

wildchicken123 aj

First of all it perfectly fine to shower once a week cuz taking a shower everyday is irrelevant cuz your already clean and dries out your skin especially if your using hot water and you should really only take a shower everyday if you get yourself dirty or get all sweaty from a workout and second Idk why ppl like pugs or want them it’s just promoting inbreeding of animals and bugs have been breeder so badly that they have lots of health problems and bugs eyes can pop out of their sockets and they have breathing problems too yea they’re cute but their inbreed so much that it’s just sad cuz of all the problems they can get or even have due to that and in my opinion I wouldn’t want an animal that could potentially have serious health problems or that will most likely develop them along the road especially if it’s a person with depression cuz if something happens to that animal or it dies the depression comes back but even worse trust me I’ve had this happen to me multiple times and I was going through depression and that made things worse for me I should’ve done my research before buying my animals from a breeder and some pet shop that wasn’t all that clean


The axe is how the shorty goes


What do you call a granny when she ate a pickle? Graan and Slimy

Robin S

2013 - let it go2019 - dont let go

Luly Goding

That is sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢


Epidural can have side effects (breathing, loss bladder control, low blood pressure, headaches) & also long term complications. It is not as common but can cause permanent nerve damage. Tasty:Send noods

Emerly Chong

Yesh!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!

Armando ruiz suares

Solo quiero que todos tengan ,un día maravilloso al son y la lírica de Ozuna .


Who that guy he always puts in his videos?

Joni Leonard

Like fantasy factory and dude perfect

Manjeet Singh

Very nice

LikLik Lava

Where’s “the steakout”?

Angel Serna

You should play fornite on all the states or Minecraft cuz it’s better

Domonique Sharperson

I can't believe I have this I be so scared living in this apartment by myself I be thinking someone going to kill me.

Mason Bonner

Do another movie recreation

Mindy Miller

I just love the old guy in the videos

Red Paladin

man looking at the rainbow pony's face made me sad. That guy was abusing that magical pony!

Pineapple Potato

My dad only cares about grades my mom has ADD and she doesn’t take meds so she never listens and she always ignores me then yells and hits me if I don’t hear her the first time but she doesn’t hear me until the 5 time