"FOCUS on ONE Thing at a TIME!" - #OneRule

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Jossy Zefanya

Wow, after 6 years marshmallow have grown so fast.Elsa nearly dies

Owen Stockwell#11

Anyone in 2019 love your vids

Ryan manik

Anyone here watching in 2019

Edub Gaming universe


India Is Not Assed Anymore

What is it with pixar and pizza planet?

the comedy maker JR

My sister broke her neck sleding


Can you guys try a different song?I've heard this same one in so many of your videos.

Janaki Chinta

I'm addicted to youtube

Chloe Roman

I heard if you say Minute Videos five times they will pin you


Haha I'm pretty sure that first Pets one isn't even an Easter egg, it's just Illumination animators being the lazy penny pinchers they are.

Elite_Solider 181

Anyone just see this video then the halo theme song starts playing in yo head

random person

I'm bullied because of my eyes 😔

However now that Witcher 3 is finally open world i feel that i can give a try to it. I am thinking about buying it in a sale. What do you guys think? Can i enjoy it or would it be a waste of money?


Que recuerdos


This was. Lit


I know it's Asperger.. hm


I say we need a Mr mime creeper theory



عصام جوهرى

ايه العيال دي من كوكب اخر

Walcolm Trollinski

"my dog died. grab the camera and arouse the emotions. this one will push my career to the next level." none of this is human. i hate you

Cameron Lobley

Great videos, guru. Keep doing what you're doing, lad.

Daniel Rodenbeck

✏️ing off