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Create WBS process is used to create a complete hierarchical chart to show all work involved in the project. Watch the complete video to see the various ways to decompose the project work in the hierarchical form the cost.This video is based on PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition. We have complete PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition program, for more detailsplease visit: any PMP® exam-related concept discussion, you can participate in iZenBridge forum:

Le q de tk78 Les Pyrénées

C est fake c est une image de synthèse

Young Meat

I know a Easter egg on PvZ that no one knows... On the walls around different maps their are graffiti that says "you got red on you" and this is from the film Shaun of the Dead.


FunWithGuru ahh you made made day again :D

Bane Jr

perfect aim

Erin Moutray

who is panda

Omár Rodríguez Sánchez

Just awesome

Juan Villamil

@Lookatmeifuckeducuz they dont know how to play basketball.....


this vid along with the music made me cry. its like saying goodbye to an old friend.

the meat man

On number 6 the reason it scanned is because it is Samantha's teddy and the teddy is looking for her.




Honestly a real cool video would be another archery trick shot video but with Stephen Amell (person who plays the arrow on CW)

Nights of fist


joseph webb

262x26.3227.18.2.29 Digging that shirt

Beastwood Jr

Tomorrow: Rome02 has gotten 17639473519027364927107294737192739 friend requests

Uncle: here you go sweetie..

Andrew Borrero

i do tht every day

Scrap Fest

Why was Cody hitting on serena

Storm playz

That lady will regret what she said. If I was God,shed be dead

FoxyPlays Yt

My guys like Chelsea Just like me my dudes love it


Oh, well that sucks. Anyways keep on doing what you're doing and you'll do just fine . . . hell what am i saying? You ARE doing fine! better yet you're doing something that even I couldn't even do, because believe me . . . i CAN'T find easter eggs and when i do i can barely even get them. So please don't stop what you are doing because you're, once again, doing just fine!

Oda Swifteye

That bathing lady looks like an escapee from a duke nukem game. 


Huh... and here I was thinking the new Wrath of Khan wasn't a remake

Gotta run it back!

yee haw


MarkedUp Chronically

Tyler looks so different dang

5. Archery trick shots 2


all the people who say these vids are fake are salty haters cause they can't make shots like these and don't have YouTube fame, Alex Jimenez i feel bad for you hombre.


is the megaman arm canon in this game and if so could it be considered a reoccurring easter egg  

Maria Antoina Josepha Johanna Kalaraatri

Trump tower next 5 planes packed with explosives boom. Bye demonic parasitic envious greedy vampire.


What is your favourite number of the alphabet mine's carrot

Tasnim Awal

Hold on a minute.. that horse is from Rise Of The Guardians... could Jack Frost be in the film?