17.5 Juta DPT fiktif , Betulkah Ada? | Adu Bukti di Mahkamah Konstitusi - ROSI (3)

Dalam keterangan di hadapan MK, salah satu saksi BPN, Agus Maksum menyatakan ada 17.5 juta DPT fiktif saat Pemilu 2019. Namun saat hakim meminta kuasa hukum pemohon, untuk menghadirkan bukti, kuasa hukum tidak dapat menunjukannya. Hal ini menimbulkan pertanyaan, 17.5 juta DPT fiktif, betulkah ada?Jangan lewatkan live streaming Kompas TV 24 jam non stop di Supaya tidak ketinggalan berita-berita terkini, terlengkap, serta laporan langsung dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia, yuk subscribe channel youtube Kompas TV. Aktifkan juga lonceng supaya kamu dapat notifikasi kalau ada video baru. Media social Kompas TV: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LINE:

Amerika'ya uzaktan çalışmanın yolu!

Amerika'daki bir şirkete uzaktan çalışmanın, kendimce en mantıklı ve güvenilir yolunu anlatıyorum sizi. Bu yolu takip ederseniz, şansınızı bir hayli artırmış olursunuz. Genç arkadaşlara özellikle bu yolu denemelerini tavsiye ediyorum. ---TAKIP ETTwitter:Github:

Css dropdown menu in asp net

The simple and basic way to create css dropdown menu. It helps you to create navigation bar with css effect.

Is WALMART RV PARKING Over? Why are Walmarts turning away...

Hi Everyone, welcome to Episode 16 of BE A NOMAD, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Today, I'll explain Walmart's corporate policy is on overnight RV Parking or Overnight Camping, WHY some Walmart's are turning full time RV and VanLife away and the best way to search for free alternative camping in your area.*HERE ARE THE LINKS!ALLSTAYS WALMART LINK:TO ROBIN'S BLOG:READ ROBIN'S #1 BESTSELLING BOOK, Be A Nomad Change Your Life: OUT ROBIN'S MUST-HAVE NOMAD GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS HERE: TO READ MY BOOKS FOR FREE?!? ***GET A 30 DAY KINDLE TRIAL HERE: INSPIRATION? Check out Robin's Inspirational Quotes Website: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. By using these links I will make a small percentage of your purchase, even if you buy something else--and it won't cost you anything.

Learn SQL in 1 Hour - SQL Basics for Beginners

A crash course in SQL.How to write SQL from scratch in 1 hour.In this video I show you how to write SQL using SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio.We go through Creating a Database, Creating Tables, Inserting, Updating, Deleting, Selecting, Grouping, Summing, Indexing, Joining, and every basic you need to get starting writing SQL.TABLE OF CONTENTSSkip Intro/Discuss Management Studio 3:27Create Database 5:10Create Table 7:26Insert Data 10:29Select Statement 17:43Where Clause 19:00Update Statement 22:25Delete Statement 24:33Adding Comments 27:41Adding Columns 29:33Drop Table 32:38Add Primary Key 33:17Create Products Table 36:00Create Orders Table 38:54Foreign Keys 45:37Joins 50:30Functions/Group By 56:50READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE WITH SQL SCRIPTS HERENEWS UPDATESSQLTRAININGONLINE.COM FOR TONS MORE VIDEO NEWS & TIPSFOR OTHER SQL TIPS AND NEWS!TO OUR EMAIL LIST!CONNECT!Google+:

How To Display PDFs In A Form

How to display PDFs in an Access 2013 form.This video explains how to create a form that displays the contents of another file, such as a PDF file, inside of your form.You will also learn how to use a File Dialog window to allow your users to dynamically pick the file to view.

PHP and MySQL tutorial: Links and URLs | lynda.com

In this tutorial, Kevin Skoglund provides an in-depth look at links and URLs with PHP. Watch more at tutorial is a single movie from the PHP with MySQL Essential Training course presented by lynda.com author Kevin Skoglund. The complete course duration is 14 hours and 24 minutes and teaches the basics of PHP (including variables, logical expressions, loops, and functions), and discover how to connect to a MySQL database and develop a complete web application. Introduction1. PHP Overview2. Mac Installation3. Windows Installation4. First Steps5. Exploring Data Types6. Control Structures: Logical Expressions7. Control Structures: Loops8. User-Defined Functions9. Debugging10. Building Web Pages with PHP11. Working with Forms and Form Data12. Working with Cookies and Sessions13. MySQL Basics14. Using PHP to Access MySQL15. Building a Content Management System (CMS)16. Using Site Navigation to Choose Content17. Application CRUD18. Building the Public Area19. Regulating Page AccessConclusion

Frutika Apnar Jiggasa | Live Episode 23 Ramadan 2017

Subscribe Now: Frutika Apnar Jiggasa is a bengali .... telecasted on International Television Channel Ltd (NTV). ...CASTCREWWatch Exclusive Video: video linkWatch More: Playlist linkCome Join Us for More Lifestyle Programme!! Visit our Official site: www.ntvbd.comWatch NTV Live TV @ other Youtube channels;Watch NTV @ NTV Natok @ Watch NTV Entertainment @ Watch NTV Bangla Movie @ Watch NTV News @ Watch NTV Telefilm @ Watch NTV Lifestyle @ Watch NTV Islamic Show @ Watch NTV Cooking Show @ Watch NTV Bangla FUN @ Watch NTV Travel Show @ Watch NTV Health @ Watch NTV Drama @ NTV Uncut Videos @ Find us on Social Media;G+ NTV: Facebook Page: Twitter Official: Pinterest: NTV in a nutshell:International Television Channel Limited (NTV) offers diverse mix of programs such as news bulletins, current affairs, and talk shows, soap operas, educational, religious, politics related programs, drama, movie, reality shows and other entertainment programs. We deliver news and entertainment programs across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile (including apps). We also broadcast its programs in UK, USA, Canada, Some parts of Europe, Middle East, and beyond.NTV Official Address:Bangladesh Address: 102, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh Europe Address: Unite 6, Bow Exchange, 5 Yeo Street, London, E3 3QPUSA Address: New York, USA, Australia Address: 30A Carlton Parade, NSW - 2218, AustraliaNote: If you wish to share this video, please make sure you embed the link and share the original source. Please avoid other methods of copying or duplicating the video, and help us support anti-piracy measures in any way you can. Thank you - NTV Team


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Difference between Interface and Absract Class

DURGASOFT is INDIA's No.1 Software Training Center offersonline training on various technologies like JAVA, .NET , ANDROID,HADOOP,TESTING TOOLS , ADF, INFORMATICA, SAP... courses from Hyderabad & Bangalore -India with Real Time Experts.Mail us your requirements to durgasoftonlinetraining@gmail.com so that our Supporting Team will arrange Demo Sessions.Ph:Call +91-8885252627,+91-7207212428,+91-7207212427,+91-8096969696.

full stock management system by php mysql

1. Multiple warehouses according to the company demand.2. One application can use for multi warehouses/store.3.Can create an unlimited warehouses/store under one application by admin.4. Specific stock can create stuff/users by admin.5. Show all store's stock, sales expenses final total as daily bases on admin6.Can show data date wise, month wise, year wise.WordPress special services: Peopleperhour::

What is JSON ? ( JSON Interview questions with answers)

For more such videos visit more such videos subscribe our other Step by Step video series below :-Learn Data Science in 1 hour :- angular tutorial step by step C# Step by Step Design Pattern Step by Step Azure Step by Step :- SQL Server Step by Step Data structures & algorithm MVC Core step by step :- ASP.NET MVC 5 step by step :- MSBI Step by Step in 32 hours:- Xamarin Mobile Programming Step by Step :- SharePoint Step by Step in 8 hours:- Tableau step by step :- more such videos visit ( Javascript object notation ) is a simple data exchange format which helps to communicate between JavaScript and server sidetechnologies like Servlets , JSP , WCF , ASP.Net etc.We are also distributing a 100 page Ebook "Learn ASP.NET MVC 5 Step by step". If you want this ebook please share this video in your facebook/twitter/linkedin account and email us on questpond@questpond.com with the shared link and we will email you the PDF.


BRAIN TIME ► Apis CorHelicopter Tree TrimmingAmazon Prime AirTeslaWaymoKUKA Robotics i-LIMB Pulse Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Pobitro Quraner Alo 2017। EP 18। পবিত্র কুরআনের আলো ২০১৭। BanglaVision।

পবিত্র কুরআনের আলো ২০১৭ এর ১৮তম পর্ব।তিলাওয়াত করছেন কুরআনের সেলিব্রেটি শিশু হাফেযগন।-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "২৫ হাজার প্রতিযোগির চ্যাম্পিয়ন নাহিদ, আপনি মক্কা-মদীনার স্বাদ পাবেন..."

My Brother, My Brother And Me 2017 S01E05 Secret Societies & Apologies To Nathan

Not Everyone Should Code

First 500 people will get 2 months of Skillshare free: become popular to encourage anyone and everyone to code. But there simply won’t be unlimited demand for the skill, nor will everyone actually enjoy it.*The end of this video includes a paid sponsored promotion. This company had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video.CreditsMusic is Sunrise Drive, South London HiFiHumans Need Not Apply: (Seriously, watch it)College price graph: wheat image inspired by: fast forward effect modified from

Watch ABC News Live

class="metadata-updateable-description" This embedding tool is not for use by commercial parties. ABC News Homepage: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: to us on YouTube: us on Instagram:

Tech News #2 : Samsung Note 10 5G, iOS For iPAD, Skype Mobile Screen Sharing and More

#iPadiOS #SamsungNote10 #SkypeUpdateTech News Episode 2We are going to talk about :1.Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and its two 5G Variants2.New features of Skype For Mobile devices like Screen sharing3.Mandatory Sign-in with Apple for Third Party login4. Flickering issue on OnePlus 7 Finally FIxed.5. iPadOS Supports Mouse.Music:

🔴 নবিজি ও গুই সাপের কাহিনী 🍀 ইসলাম ধর্ম গ্রহণ করলেন যে ব্যক্তি 🔴 Best Bangla Waz 2019

প্রিয় নবী মোহাম্মদ মোস্তফা (সাঃ) ও গুই সাপের কাহিনী নিয়ে এই ভিডিটি। নবীজির এই বাস্তব ঘটনার কারনে এক হিন্দু ভাই ইসলাম ধর্ম গ্রহণ করলেন। -------------| COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE | -----------------------------------🔴 হৃদয় কাঁপানো ওয়াজ (Muhib Khan): ● বাংলাদেশে তাবলীগ জামাতের অস্থিরতা: ভালোবাসা নাকি অশ্লীলতা?ঃমহানবী (সঃ) ঘুমানোর আগে যা করতেন : ২০ লাখ নেকির দোয়া: ★ Our Social Media Link: ★--------------------------● Facebook:subscribe: of this video:............................ নবিজি ও গুই সাপের কাহিনী,নবিজি,গুই সাপের কাহিনী,mahafil,waz,Bangla New Waz 2019,Bangla New Waz, Bangla Waz 2019,current world,ওয়াজ, funny waz,ইসলাম ধর্ম গ্রহণ করলেন,ইসলাম ধর্ম গ্রহণ,নবীজির জীবন কাহিনী,রাসুল (সাঃ) এর জীবনী,রাসুল সাঃ এর মৃত্যু,অমুসলিমদের ইসলাম গ্রহণের কাহিনী,হিন্দু থেকে ইসলাম ধর্ম গ্রহণ,ইসলাম ধর্ম কি,মুসলিম থেকে হিন্দু,মুসলিম থেকে হিন্দু ধর্ম গ্রহণ,ধর্মান্তরিত মুসলিম,islam dhormo grohon,islam dhormo,হজরত ওমর (রাঃ),উমর ইবনুল খাত্তাব,ওমরের ঘটনা,হযরত ওমরের বিচার-------------------------#নবিজি#BanglaWazআশাকরি এই ভিডিও আপনাদের অনেক উপকারে আসবে। ধন্যবাদ

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon & Yoga 2019 Hands On // Thinner, Lighter & Better Sound!

Hands on and first impressions of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga! They're thinner, lighter and have much better sound! Watch for the full mini review. Lenovo Legion Y540 & Y740 Hands on - on YouTube every Friday at 4PM EST. Twitch livestream every Sunday at 9PM EST. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on Discord - me on Social Media:Twitter: -

মাকে কতটা ভালোবাসতেন মেয়র আনিসুল হক দেখুন একবার

মাকে বড় বেশি ভালোবাসতেন মেয়র আনিসুল হক। সব সময় বলতেন, মায়ের দোয়া তার সবচেয়ে বড় শক্তি। মায়ের দোয়ার কারণেই তিনি আজ এত বড় হয়েছেন।

How to solve problem with can't connect to localhost/phpmyadmin using XAMPP

In this video I will show you How to solve the problem with can't connect to localhost/phpmyadmin when using XAMPP.If you have tried to run myphpadmin and I get this message: Not Found The requested URL localhost/phpmyadmin` was not found.this will get you access.I can't access "Not Found"//localhost/phpmyadmin/ not foundlocalhost/phpmyadmin giving page not found error 404 not found//localhost/phpmyadmin/

How to login/sign in with Facebook using Graph API in Urdu/Hindi Letest SDK

Note : This app is in Development mode please make it live by going to the app review section in your Facebook app Dashboard & also when creating new app after that go to app settings ,In the App Domain input field Add : localhostif you are on localhost.Remember : This video is only for Educational purpose.Facebook SDK link : developer Guide :

Php Chat Application Tutorial 06 - Working On Home Page - Php Projects

This is the video tutorial#06 for make your own php chat app like facebook messenger using mysql database series.Link to our Facebook Group: any question or suggestion you can directly contact us on our Facebook Page: new Updates and information you can Follow me on:Twitter: Instagram: chat appphp mysql projectphp + mysql - chat application php + mysql simple chat application chat application in phpphp mysql chat applicationphp group chat scriptphp mysql tutorialphp mysql database tutorialphp project step by stepphp tutorial for beginners fullchat application in phpphp mysql chat roomchat app php mysql

How does a Refrigerator work ?

Have you ever wondered how the refrigerators in your home work? Refrigerators, which have become an integral part of every household, work based on some simple and interesting scientific principles. Beginning with a basic refrigerator model, this video will elaborate on the operation of modern refrigerators, along with the secrets behind their high energy efficiency.Please support us at so that we can add one more member to the team and will be able to release 2 educational videos/month.

People REALIZE They Were Being STALKED By Someone (r/AskReddit)

Subscribe for more videos just like this!#reddit #AskReddit ==================================================Want More? Check Out These Great Channels!#TZREDDIT#AskReddit#Jayben#BrainyDude#Dankify#rslash

How Search Works

| The life span of a Google query is less then 1/2 second, and involves quite a few steps before you see the most relevant results. Here's how it all works.

PHP Tutorial (& MySQL) #21 - Showing Errors

Hey gang, in this PHP tutorial I'll show you how to display errors on a web form, as well as persist data that a user has previously entered.----------------------------------------🐱‍💻 🐱‍💻 Course Links:+ Course files - VS Code editor - Materialize Playlist - Donate+ Find me on Udemy+

The Best Of Vocal Deep House Nu Disco 2013 (2 Hour Mixed By Zeni N)

New Single from Zeni N : Our Spotify Playlist : to Three Dot House: by Zeni N List : 01. [ 00:01 - 06:50 ] The Presets - If I know you (Alex kentucky & Ivan Garci Edit) 02. [ 06:51 - 13:01 ] Climbers - Equal Responsibility (Original Mix) 03. [ 13:02 - 18:28 ] Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Fomichev,Andrey Exx Original mix) 04. [ 18:29 - 24:56 ] Somebody That I Used To Know (Duotronic And Vitale Amp Fernandez Remix) 05. [ 24:57 - 31:15 ] Junk Yard Rhythm Section - Falling (Kolombo Remix) 06. [ 31:16 - 37:17 ] Loverdose - I Remember (Original Mix) 07. [ 37:18 - 43:58 ] Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (DJ Dan Karim Remix) 08. [ 43:59 - 50:54 ] Monte - True (Original Mix) 09. [ 50:55 - 57:16 ] Robert Owens, Tube, Berger - Slipknot (Pleasurekraft Once Upon A Time In The West Remix) 10. [ 57:17 - 1:03:24 ] Robosonic - The edge (original Mix) 11. [ 1:03:24 - 1:09:54 ] Sharam Jey - Here I Come (Original Mix)12. [ 1:09:55 - 1:15:48 ] Solo featuring Syron - Home Is Where It Hurts 13. [ 1:15:48 - 1:20:00 ] Maroon 5 - Makes me Wonder (Sonic Future nu deep remix) 14. [ 1:20:01 - 1:26:08 ] Stereo Express - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) 15. [ 1:26:09 - 1:31:41 ] Teenage Mutants & Andre Crom - Hanging On (Original Mix) 16. [ 1:31:42 - 1:37:28 ] Tube & Berger and Milan Euringer - Lovebreak (Original Mix) 17. [ 1:37:29 - 1:45:01 ] Betoko - Raining Again (original mix) 18. [ 1:45:02 - 1:52:28 ]Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (Adriatique & Thyladomid Edit) 19. [ 1:52:29 - 1:57:43 ] Mark Lower - Bad Boys Cry (Original Mix) The Best Of 2016 :

What do programmers actually do?

I left a physics job to do software engineering. Was it worth it? What do software engineers actually do? Thank you to YouTube for sponsoring this video! to physics girl: engineers and programmers code everything from virtual reality to artificial intelligence to unique instruments like engineer Ben Bloomberg made for musician Jacob Collier. Are you considering new job or career? Me too.Box 9281San Diego, CA 92169Creator: Dianna CowernEditing: Jabril AsheAnimations: Kyle Norby and Jabril AsheThanks to Ben Bloomberg and Kyle Kitzmiller!

Google Cloud ssh key generation for your instance

Google Compute Engine custom ssh key generationBitCoin wallet: 14SihKMwEiPDWsgyAjn4enXN8sehnc5p4P

Basic PHP Video 5 - Saving Data to Files

Courtesy of Programmers InstituteThis video show and describes the basics of how to store data received by an HTML form into a file using a PHP script. It also show a simple way to retrieve data from a file and send it to a user's browser. Additionally, the POST form method is discussed.

CASTLE OF GLASS (Official Video) - Linkin Park

Linkin Park "CASTLE OF GLASS" off of the album LIVING THINGS. "CASTLE OF GLASS" is featured in the EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter. Directed by Drew Stauffer and Jerry O'Flaherty.| Play: YouTube Subscribe: Official Linkin Park Merch:

Adila Khan & Cynthia Ritchie - Mazaaq Raat 6 June 2018 - مذاق رات - Dunya News

Adila Khan & Cynthia Ritchie - Mazaaq Raat 6 June 2018 - مذاق رات - Dunya NewsMazaaq Raat is a popular Pakistani Comedy Entertainment show. Vasay Chaudhry hosts the show with Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Mohsin Abbas Haider (DJ), Hina Niazi.Subscribe now and watch complete latest episodes of Mazaaq Raat in High quality.

Paul McCartney Breaks Down His Most Iconic Songs | GQ

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney runs GQ through his 60-year career, including I Lost My Little Girl, Yesterday, I Saw Her Standing There, And I Love Her, Eleanor Rigby, A Day in the Life, Hey Jude, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Let It Be, Hi Hi Hi, Here Today, Jet and I Don't Know.Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► GQFor more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more.McCartney Breaks Down His Most Iconic Songs | GQ

আল্লাহর কাছে ৪টি কথা সবচেয়ে প্রিয় ( আসুন জানি) । Mizanur Rahman Azhari

4 things are the most beloved to Allah (let's know

Understand Client Side Script and Server Side Script in Hindi/Urdu

Client Side Script and Server Side Script in Hindi/Urdu is PHP video tutorial.Here you'll .Hey All, Before starting the PHP video tutorials series in Hindi/Urdu, it is really important to clear all the fundamental concepts in your mind, hence Showing you how the client side script and Server side script are different from each other. PHP हिन्दी मे सीखे...PHP हिन्दी मे सीख करweb design मे expert bane.. web design सिखने के लिए शुरु करे PHPtutorial हिन्दीमे । ...Learn PHP in Hindi and Make yourself expert in PHP in Hindi for learning web designing with Hindi PHP learning tutorial you can learn PHP easily with this PHP in Hindi tutorial. it is great platform for learning PHP in Hindi. PHP Tutorial in Hindi/Urdu for beginner to expert....This course is one of the best courses designed for beginners in PHP. Watch this PHP in Hindi video tutorials series to learn PHP from Basic to advance. In this course, you'll learn the complete web design structure in Hindi/Urdu.Subscribe | Share | LikeWatch | Learn | Like | Share and Subscribe the Chanel.Subscribe Us : with us on ...Visit Website @ » » »watch: "Design Mobile App and Web Mockups in Your Mobile | vishAcademy"

PHP Convention 2015-A New Breed of Agents

New Breed of Agents 2015- PHP Agency Annual Convention Register: legend Tom Hopkins and Financial Industry Ambassador Joe Jordan will be guest speakers at PHP's Annual Convention at The Rio All-Suites Hotel. Register Here: Our Main Site:

Bangla Gojol 2019 New He Rasul Tumi Dakona More144P

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Installing WAMP Server on Windows without error to write PHP

this video will show you how to install WAMP server on windows machine without error and step by step.If you want to have Apache, PHP and MySQL on your Windows machine, WAMP is the best too you can get.

Pas Band ~ Aku "Mungkin Ku Bajingan" [ Story WA Kekinian ]

PHP | MySQL | How to insert form data in MySQL database using PHP

In this video you will learn how to make connection to MySQL database and Insert data in database using PHP in very simple and easy steps.To Know how to setup eclipse and XAMPP for PHP Development please follow link below to see video You.

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table w/ Epoxy Inlays Using Reclaimed Barnwood

This week I show you how to build a DIY farmhouse dining table using reclaimed barn wood lumber, featuring epoxy inlays. My friends asked me to build them a Parsons style table, and I came up with the idea to use reclaimed lumber, and pour pigmented epoxy into the voids. Let me know what you think about this DIY farmhouse table. Thanks!Support on Patreon: out the sponsor of this week’s video: Vintage Reclaimed Lumber in Oklahoma City. VRL website: (405) 702-0001Use code *JONNY10* for 10% off your order. They’ll ship it to you!**SUPPORT JONNY BUILDS**Edit you browser bookmark URL from amazon dot com to this: and paste the link into your bookmark for Amazon. Or create a new bookmark and edit the URL. I’ll receive some loose commission change which will help support this channel. Send of screenshot of your edited bookmark URL to jonnybuildsstuff@gmail.com along with your mailing address, and I’ll send you some stickers. Thanks! **FOLLOW** * Instagram - *Website:* Subscribe - Things I used **East Coast 1:1 Epoxy: -Blue: Green: Cups: Paper - 120: Tape: Measure:Plane:Camera - Main Lens -Ampletunes1. Gold RushEpidemic Sound1. The Summer2. I’m Thinking About3. Looking for You4. Blush#reclaimedwood #barnwood #epoxy #diningtable

Hafiz Najmus Sakib EP 01 PHP Quraner Alo 2013

Video corso PHP con MySql (XAMPP) ITA - 2

- installazione di PHP, APACHE e MYSQL (XAMPP)- suggerimenti per risoluzioni di conflitti con altri sw- cartelle speciali per XAMPP (pagine web e data base)- come ci si collega ad un sito web locale per PHP - una semplice form per un login in PHP (per il momento ancora senza data base)A richiesta pubblico dei link da cui scaricare i sorgenti .php usati nei video (ed export in formato SQL del db): - www.camuso.it/youtube/php01.zip- www.camuso.it/youtube/php02.zip

I make spaghetti in Cooking Simulator (part 1)

we play cooking simulator gameplay epiclySuppert the chan get merch: 🔥 (◡‿◡✿)Submit M E M E S: ༼♥ل͜♥༽ __TSUKI: Setup:::::::: (Affiliate links)Chair:: ONLY 399 !green screen: (Affiliate)__:::::::Check out: ::::::::game I helped make and affiliated with)__Outro:Animation:

আলোকিত জ্ঞানী ২০১৯ পর্ব-২৭ | Alokito Geani 2019 Episode-27 | সাইফুল ইসলাম | আব্দুল্লাহ ফারুক

🔹ধারাবাহিক ভাবে আমাদের সবগুলো আয়োজন সবার আগে দেখার জন্য লিংকে ঢুকে আমাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেলটি সাবস্ক্রাইব করার পাশাপাশি বেল বাটনটি প্রেস করুন (ইউটিউব লিংক: ) ।🔹ফেইসবুকে সরাসরি আমাদের সবগুলো আয়োজন সবার আগে পাওয়ার জন্য আমাদের অফিসিয়াল পেইজের লিংকে ঢুকে লাইক ও শেয়ার করার পাশাপাশি ‘সি ফার্স্ট’ অপশনটিতে ক্লিক করতে ভুলবেন না যেন ( ফেইসবুক পেইজ লিংক: )Alokito Geani is a Largest and only one mega reality show on Islamic knowledge in Bangladesh.Rahabar Multimedia Limited produces the Alokito GeaniStarring : Hafez Mufti Saiful IslamDirected By : Mohammad Iqbal► Subscribe Now: Alokito Geani:

Yo Daddy Jokes! Collection

Yo Mama jokes by Animeme StudiosSUBSCRIBE TO YO MAMA: TO ANIMEME: NEW Yo Mama Jokes - 2019► Twitter (@BrodyFoxx) ► ►

Young Lex - BPJS (Budget Pas-Pas'an Jiwa Sosialita) Ft.Dycal (Cowboy Junior Remix) (Official M/V)

FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM :BUSINESS INQUIRIES : marketing@management100.com

মনির খানের সেরা কষ্টের গান।

Positive Energy Cleanse 432Hz Music | Enhance Self Love | Healing Tone | Ancient Frequency Music

Positive Energy Cleanse 432Hz Music - Enhance Self Love - Healing Tone - Ancient Frequency Music. Tuned to 432Hz and mixed with the 852Hz Solfeggio Frequency. These frequencies have a healing effect on your subconscious mind.Peaceful, Empowering and Cleansing music and nature to nurture your mind, body, heart and soul. Supporting and empowering you on your life journey. ❖ Sound Vibration ❖ The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound. Everything has an optimum range of vibration (frequency), and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are balanced. Every organ and every cell in our precious body absorbs and emits sound with particular optimum resonate frequency. 432hz and 528hz tuned music creates resonance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.❖ 852Hz Solfeggio Frequency ❖ corresponds with the third eye chakra. Excellent for cleansing the fog of overthinking and negative energy built up by repetitive unhealthy thought patterns. Enhances intuition, clarity, and access to your wealth of inner wisdom and potential. It allows us to cut through illusion and to access deeper truths, as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self-reflection. When balanced you feel whole and a part of the whole. You see the truth of who you are; a Divine spark of Light, a Loving Soul in a physical body. You see, feel and know that Love that you and all life are. ❖ 432Hz Music ❖ Resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other and Mother Earth.❖ Spirit Tribe Awakening ❖ We are here to serve you. To Inspire, Uplift and spread Positive Energy with our music. To support you wherever you are on your journey. Co-creating more Peace, Love, and Happiness in your life, and the millions of people connecting with us.All our music is tuned to 432Hz and 528Hz, and contains Ancient Healing Frequencies; Miracle Tones that Heal, Change and Transform low vibrational energy (negative energy). Letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. Recharging the LIGHT within you. Refueling mind, body, heart and soul with Powerful Positive Energy that aligns you with your Innate Power, Potential and Resources. When you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION you also help to raise the collective vibration of our beautiful planet and all life on it. You are important. You are important to this planet. You are valuable. You are a beautiful expression of Life. Powerful BEYOND words. "What you want. Wants you." - RumiFrom Heart to Heart. From Soul to Soul. Thank You for connecting with us. ❖ ❖ ❖❤️❤️❤️❖ ❖ ❖

From Principal to Executive Marketing Director- Big Event Story

by Dr. Len Cooper you registered for the annual convention New Breed of Agents?

How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time. Jan-21-2014 Update.The video transcripts are now available via the following links:English Only:+ Chinese Translation:the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


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Simon Cowell's GOLDEN BUZZER Week on America's Got Talent 2019 | Part 3 | Auditions | Top Talent

Watch all the amazing auditions (WEEK 3) on America's Got Talent 2019 (AGT). What did you think of the best performances?? Let us know in the comments below...Featuring:▶︎ Charlotte Summers▶︎ Dom Chambers▶︎ Marina Mazepa▶︎ Carmen Carter▶︎ Edson & Leon▶︎ Sethward▶︎ Kevin Schwartz ▶︎ Mackenzie▶︎ Yuriyan Retriever▶︎ Michael Paul▶︎ Tyler Butler-Figueroa - GOLDEN BUZZER▶︎ Watch more of Top Talent here Talents pulls the best of X Factor, Got Talent & Idols from around the world! From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen! Watch them all here on YouTube! Never miss an upload subscribe today!

Top 15 BEST Smartphones of 2019 (Under $500)

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Run Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin macOS Sierra

Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace and Autogenic Training. Relaxing Sounds for Relaxation Meditation, Tai Chi and Reiki. Meditation Music Video, Meditation Video with Delta Waves to Help you Sleep.visit our website at www.meditationrelaxclub.com

Curso PHP MySQL. Arrays I. Vídeo 30

Abordamos en este vídeo una estructura fundamental en cualquier lenguaje de programación y también en PHP: los Array. También llamados arreglos, matrices, vectores etcPara más cursos, ejercicios y manuales visita:

How to change php version in cPanel | Web Host BD | Bangla Tutorial

How to change and customize php version in cPanelIn this Tutorial we will learn How to change and customize php version in cPanel. By watching this simple tutorial you can easily change and customize php version in your cPanel.its a simple and step by step process. so if you dont have idea about php And cPanel Don't Worry. just watch the full video.How to export and import MySQL database from cPanel - to create database in cPanel php mysql - to setup webmail to Microsoft outlook 2007-2010-2013-2016 - Host BD Office Address - 42/2, Kallyanpur Main RoadMirpur, Dhaka-1207Phone: +88 01799771177, +88 01711993715, +88 01912310191Email - webhostbd.net@gmail.com, admin@webhostbd.comWeb:GoogleJoin Our Facebook group:

Build Own PHP MVC Framework (Bangla Tutorial) : Part-01

PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Bangla Tutorial - MVC Framework.Template Source -01. Download: more help------------------------------------➽Tutorial site: us: us:

php.executablepath configuration on Visual Studio Code and php 7 installation | Tricks & Solution

PHP executable not found. install PHP-7 it to your PATH or set the php.executable path setting./cannot validate since no PHP executable is set. in Windows.link for WAMP-Server-for visual studio code-for XAMP-Server-all files from our official website "www.trickssolution.in"Join me on Google Pay, a payments app by Google. Enter my code (tB1Qy) and then make a payment. you will get ₹51! PhonePe for instant bank transfers & more! Earn up to ₹1000 (min ₹75) on your first money transfer on PhonePe. Use my link -

Laravel From Scratch [Part 4] - Blade Templating & Compiling Assets

In this video I will talk about blade templating. We will look at passing in data, interpolation, adding logic to our views. I will also show you how to compile assets using Laravel Mix. We will compile Sass files to regular css.CODE: Complete Code For This SeriesPROJECT LARAVEL COURSE: Please use affiliate link belowOFF: Use special code "traversy"SUPPORT: We spend massive amounts of time creating these free videos, please donate to show your support:TRAVERSY MEDIA:

Pobitro Quraner Alo। BanglaVision। পবিত্র কুরআনের আলো ২০১৭। বাংলাভিশন। Episode 03। Part 02

-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "২৫ হাজার প্রতিযোগির চ্যাম্পিয়ন নাহিদ, আপনি মক্কা-মদীনার স্বাদ পাবেন..."