Are There some easter eggs found in destiny yet ?

I have a D- and I’m happy about that.

%15: stupid jokes Christians and Athiests: IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE

Samuel Saloma

Why ty always winning

Robert Mirsky

Love it


why not windows phone?


Can’t move out!?? If you can tell this story cant you call the police? Didn’t you say you were like 17... move out!


My dog is stupedo

Liam T Smith

I'd watch out, that rat had a...

JCinfinity Culpepper

No way I was just there just got back 4 days ago and realized I got the flu at the salt lake airport I actually went to the olympic Park there and skied at deer valley in park city

Triggered N shook

I’m so sorry. I’ve just lost 3 bunnies in 7 days. Expecting to lose more over the next few days from VHD2


It's just a vape tho... Like you don't have to refill it or swap out flavors, but otherwise it's just a vape

Megan Ray

Imagine Kylie trying to do,


6:38 guy tossing the previous ball to the full yellow ball bag with 20+ balls in there. These guys are dedicated. Probably took them awhile to hit that shot!


Really your want video to be 9:11

Claudia Pereira

ronlado went to juventus

Planarian 17

so adoption is just my thing? ok

In 9-6-18

Declan Jones

how do they make itlike 99.8% of the timelets gooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Garreths is The coolest

Sushma Seth

Tyler will be the winner

Amanda Blayne


Joshua Milam

about to break stool That would be too far actuallya few seconds later, throws mini Santa at TV


I knew it was checkers


Great as Always Guru!

Vlad Zwick

Ohhh well at least we had fun getting here, right Vegeta? Vegeta? Remember teh bug planet? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?

Dr Nath

I sure did


I feel as though recent Easter Eggs you've shown us have mostly dealt with the development team giving shout outs to their old games or company, other then crazy and weird things (such as Hitman does). Do you agree Guru? 


You know my favorite was that 18th backflip

dejan shepard

Hey,you guys should do a basketball trick shot battle and who ever gets the most points gets something,your pick

Gozándose la vida, como es

Black eldd

Or his dad

Literally every one:lul kys

Leslie Rolla

Nf really is a artist better than million of other people who call themselves artist nf earned everything he has gotten.

Did she really sounds likes a girl???


spam is super good wth dude

Aymeric Tam

Y’all see the French subtitles too ?

White Rabbit

hey Guru , why are you not verified???

The Vigster

Seattle’s been my favorite team since there first super bowl


0:46 knees weak, arms are heavy

(Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712