motivation and team big bang theory for presentation


Gacha_Girl 2007

That would of co$t a lot of ca$h

jun an

can do mother editor

Joshua C.

Rage monster stay back!


Big Guru Energy


This is funny

little potato

Kids dont date 24 year old creeps those boys in highschool may be dumb but there your age (edit ty for the likes )

Skull Reaper

Feels like the glitch where glider redeploy doesn’t work

It’s Nowayjose299

You forgot the guy who never passes


Yadwinder Gill

YOOO THIS IS ACTUALLY SICK! That last shot was sooooooo clutch

Hana ar

God bless ur soul girl❤️

I mean it

Lamisa H

I was born to a 17 years old mother who was only 17 at the time 🤦‍♀️ 0:05


for the 1st one: GTA5, it's a rememberence of silent hil 1 the first one where the ufo also appear at different places and take you out if you manage to call them well!

Help Meh

OF COURSE Tyler won. He Alwaysdoes

Tierra Olivares

I feel like these stories are fake lmao.

Meredith H

Notice how Ty just barely stuck a bottle flip with a hammer 🔨 3:06.

John T S

I just wish Jesus to come back soon and snatch me out of this messed up planet

Denero Cunningham

I saw


Every player is cool with Guilermo except Shump and LBJ, both fuckwits.

Mr. Gamer

Call it the Golden bullet for TY he might do that for Model Rocket battle 3 in 2020

Pusheen TheMighty

where do i get your merch

raykale smith

everybody knew who tom was😂 .

Sonja Yerta

you put bp not dp

The dogman Jeff

I think I know we were this was filmed

Heard them niggas throwing shade

Dorka Fejes

Please react to Meryl Streep's best moments for her 70th birthday on the 22nd of June😍👏🏼

park reference by the control point near roosavelt island. Near SHD tech cash


amazing the doom ones


When he was doing the closet cleanup. The belt was a separate cut. The camera man wasn’t standing behind him for that shot. Come on ? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be one though

MJ Paraon

It's not fair how the second finally person got the easy ones than the first finally person

Michael Apperson

Cobys tattoo is cringey

PoTaTo 9687

Where is the slingshot located at?

BuVi Gamer

Nah, they fell in love when they are older not 3


I'm a very shy quiet but interfaces a lot person but my chin is always up and I'm not the person that someone would want to mess with though I'm shy and quiet If that ever happened to me or any girl I would actually beat someone the f up and traumatize them.

Gavin Bertoncini

0:33Dude Perfect:Wow look giant basketballsTy:Lets hit them with baseball bats

KikiAndRob Lee

FYI WHY IS JOEY SO HAWT!?!? (like srly!?) 🤣

Beny 2005

Could you subscribe to me plz

Michelle Robatin

You guys should film with Saquon Barkley // that would be so cool


Back when he wasn't a talented crack ass who fucked up his life...

harshdeep das

next battle with football legends like messi,ronaldo plz plz plz plz plz plz

ay poipoi

The us flag was next to the Russian flagrUSAME

Dwight Spradlin

Who Is Better?

Vinni Zito




Do cooking stereotypes

Raman singh

Is it basketball or other

Amon McEachern

I saw a who holding a umbrella, some books, and a fish from the Cat and the hat

Ruth Hays


Pirates 4 Life

i don't know? how about ratchet and clank

Blinds 2 Curtains

you are the best

Wolfskull Reins

My mom was like that no popo tho

Barbarian: AM I A JOKE TO YOU ??!!