Learning Street Vehicles for Kids #10 - Hot Wheels Matchbox Cars and Trucks Lego Tomica トミカ Siku

This fun, educational, early learning video for kids uses Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Lego, Siku, and Tomica トミカ die-cast toy cars and trucks легковых и грузовых автомобилей along with a Robocar Poli character to teach young children about street vehicles.In this video, kids will learn about a Motor Scooter - Honda Super Cub, 3-Wheeler ATV - Lego, Formula One Car - Tyrrell P34, Fruit Truck, French Fry Truck, Mobile Library, Milk Tanker, 6x6 ATV, Tugboat - Marine from Robocar Poli TV series, Logging Truck - John Deere Forwarder, and a Hovercraft.Have fun learning about more Street Vehicles with this continuing series of fun Street Vehicles videos for kids!Please take a moment to LIKE our video, SHARE it with family & friends, and SUBSCRIBE to our Organic Learning channel… Your support is greatly appreciated!Follow us on Twitter:Merchandise:to Share this video:Learning Playlists & Videos:Car Videos for Kids:Videos for Kids:Uploads for Children:Truck Videos for Kids:Learning Videos for Kids:Street Vehicles for Kids #9 - Cars and Trucks by Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ, Siku:Street Vehicles for Kids #8 - Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ, Disney Cars, Robocar Poli:Street Vehicles for Kids #7 - Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Siku, Tomica トミカ Cars and Trucks, Tayo:Street Vehicles for Kids #6 with Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tomica トミカ Cars and Trucks, Disney Cars:Street Vehicles for Kids #5 with Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ Cars and Trucks, Disney Cars:Street Vehicles for Kids #4 - Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ Cars and Trucks, Tayo 타요:Construction Vehicles for Kids - Construction Equipment Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica トミカ Tayo:Sports Vehicles for Kids - Learn Disney Cars & Trucks, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica:Street Vehicles Names and Sounds for Kids - Learn Cars, Trucks, Fire Engines & More:Colors Street Vehicles, Construction Equipment & Monster Trucks - Learn Colours for Children:2016 Organic Learning - Fun Educational Videos for Kids


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