Learning Street Vehicles and Sounds | Police Vehicles | Construction Vehicles | Vehicle for Kids

Teaching different types of Street Vehicles, Police, Construction and Emergency Vehicles to kids with there sounds.


Dog modeling

Pogromca Tf'a Gaming

Soccer xDIts football


I don't have what she has-- but I can relate to every single detail.

Mixed Trin

“I don’t like kids” ha MOOD 💀

Going to school (but school is needed to do almost anything in your life)

SK1F4LL 3502

0:28 thanos infinity stones

Luis D Piedra

Do more battles please

The Vanguard

Litaraly always

Santiago Samano

What should we battle next?


When the parents held a picture of Freddie Mercury I was triggered because i love queen and specifically Freddie Mercury

If you read this beginning to end I appreciate that thank you for reading this!

Monica Owen

Watching this in class and trying not to laugh cause panda keeps getting hit in the head!!


Harry Potter!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍



That after banging all them years line got me. Nostalgic


2019 bros


Thumbs up if u agree this was fake bcuz during the shot before and after the 4 wheeler driver has a pink hat on then on the replay the driver isn t wearing a hat at all. strange huh:)

daniel iversen

don't you dare end at the new Mirrors Edge

* Tzamstein

Noriyaki lol

mr. cat


Emily Oagles chanle

Hay your not the only one who has a lier for a dad 😢😳

Nirmala Shanthakumar

What gun did u used

Rita Wilcox


The same exact thing happened to me. It really hurts knowing that the only person who cared about me was a creep. Also like you he started telling everyone that he was falling apart without me and all he wanted was to talk to me. And the worst part was that we were only friends because I don't ever want to be in a relationship and the situation got so bad that I had to call the cops because he threatened to kill his family FOR ME?! and I was so uncomfortable and scared so when I finally told my therapist what was going on we decided that the police were the safest way and then after that it could all be over with and I could block him. When I blocked him I felt terrible but later I forgot about him and I was happier until...my brother told me that this guy had reached out to him to ask if he could talk to me and not only did this guy find my brother but he is using his friends to contact me. Whenever I hear his name I get really freaked out and scared and also sad because he said that he couldn't live without me. I keep trying to forget about him but with no friends, no family interaction, and with my depression it's hard to let go of the past.

Tyler Kriesel

Ladies and gentlemen! The force unleashed, Otherwise known as shit...

Moon_ Light21


A Drawing Guy

Jeez I'm not the only one who heard one of the soldiers say naughty girl am I XD wtf apparently quiet dosent give a shit if dudes watch her also still trying to figure why hideo just basically put a bra and thong on her I mean does the man just see women as objects franted she is one of the toughest skull members that's for sure

With my Mind And My Imagination

I cant believe some people actually think this is ok. I dont know what type of people would ever approve this but man stripping people away from their house and famliy is a normal thing that happens now.

Wiggle Was that afl (Australian football league/footy)

Dhinaj Ahmed

They broke a tree for a vedio not ok

Anamations YT

People like studio ghibli because of the food but I say it’s another reason to live

Why are you looking at my username

Moms reads every comments about the mom jokes. ░░░░░▀█▄▒▒░░░░▒▄▀░░░

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you should do Cristiano ronaldo


Loved BLOOPS! need more! Funny😂 so raw and honest and ridiculous!!!


I clicked on this video to see baseball trickshots but it's more like trickshots on a baseball field like if you agree


I remember when you guys only had 10k


In the game "Duke Nukem 3-D" there is a secret level, and in one building, there is a large press. If you hit the control buttons, the press cycles and opens. You can crawl inside and get a rocket launcher, but there is also the upper half of a robot (smashed flat) and Duke says "Terminated!" I also found 867-5309 written on the tile wall in the theater restroom, above the urinal on the right.

Rikki Slonce

This is a good view. And, I believe that women should get educated. (I am a woman too.) However, the next step is to make sure that the education received is a good one, and one that is teaching skills people use in life. Meaning, that school should be a way up in life, not a place you have to get through in order to learn random information without purpose.

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she is pritty

Isaiah Newman

hey dudes


How do you lern all of the trick shots ?????????!!!!!!

•Have kindergarteners dance your dancehall the time.

KC Coleman

My longest put is 64 ft

Jehovany Matina

You have us your best friend


My mom suffered the same thing but different diesease.and she had it at 4 and she's 36 now

Hillary Trump

You deserve to get million subsribers!

Amol Vaidya



Such a greate video!


Yes manz so hyped for this movie


will you be doing one for Dishonored 2?

The really needs to go to toilet during class time dude     -->