A short film / pilot about two martial arts instructors; Ralph and Ray who get roped into body-guarding. Just because they know about martial arts doesn't mean they know the first thing about body guarding...especially for social media influencers.CAST:Ralph - Noah Fleder @noah_flederRay - Christopher Troy @christophertroyoffcial Kierra Lee - Emily Mei @emily.ghoulBest Friend - Alexis Ren @alexisrenEx Boyfriend - Jimmy Blue @jimmyblue21Manager - Chrissy Mae@chrissmaeyAssistant - Angela Galavan @itsangelagalvanBilly the Black Belt - Nic Antonucci @Ninja_NicStunt Coordinator:James croak @jamescroakFight Coordinator:Beni Alexander@benihanastuntsGene Freeman@gene_freemanAustin Durden@austindurden_James Croak@jamescroakAnthony Oh@ohstuntsCREW:Produced by: Noah Fleder @noah_flederWritten by: Jon Alegrai @jon_alegriaNoah Fleder @noah_flederDirected by: Jon Alegria @jon_alegriaDirector of Photography:Tommy Trinh @cinematommyCamera Operators:Steve Park @stevepark_Luciano Picazo@luciano_picazo1st Assistant Director:John Tieng @johntieng2nd Assistant Director:Dominic Doan@livinwpixelsMusic by:Joe Sanders@joesandersmusicSound Mixer:Jonah Xam Martin Sound Design:Jonathan KreimermanFoley Artist:Bob Chen BTS:Theodore Park@thetheodoreparkPhotography by:Darion Ko@darion_koDuncan Cheng@offthechengKey Grip:Joseph Leung @joseph.leungHair and Make Up:Jerona Cueto@jeronalicious Assitant HMU:Jan DSound Dept:Justin Lieu @justinlieuPA:Taun LeMoses MunozTravis HuiSpecial Thanks:@cali.pat

Confused Pikachu

Banjo is in smash

Donathan Kemp

Falcons Rise Up

kiro メ

is it just me but daniel cuttings looks alot like johnny sins

Angela Shrum

RIP Tim. 💔 Tragic. Prayers for his family. ass:aana pires

Habibo Ali

Those bit**

Friends friends Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser now we’re heading into overtimeeeeeeeeee

WolfSunnyStar / Jas

That thumbnail is when you try to draw anime but fail hilariously.


Idk what's more confusing. How the fuck people find these. Or how the fuck they make these

Hunter Baines

This beat actually goes

Ruby Star

3:52 who was a little bit confused? just me? Ok 😂😂

Evan Mayer

ryan tannihill

Gabrielle Kelly

Is like a 5th string reciver

jay hicks

See you later alligator after while PEDHOLICA


no go lay on sugar ants 😀

Michelle Sithole


holly pocket

I don’t think I have a severe case of depression. I’ve been feeling bleh for like two months. And talking about it with loved ones really helps me feel better but just an hour later I get back to feeling numb. I have zero social skills. I’ve been doing school online for two years and I don’t have any friends. I try to go spend the night with an old friend but I just end up wishing I never left my house and I leave in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep. I’ve become so anti- social and it sucks bc I really want friends. I really want to be the normal teen I use to be. Lately, I’ve been saying to myself “I’m done. I’m just so done.” I don’t want to die but I really just want to be alone and away from everyone. If anyone is in a situation like this, please don’t hesitate to tell me about it. It would help me not feel alone and it might make you feel better too

itachi uchiha

I really only see "1 like 1 punch for john" same comments really annoys me. Idk why tho but its just same

There's always people still complaining about F76

Ethan Botelho

They look like child’s in this video

Ella Thompson

This is such a sweet video!

Saba Faiz

do a bloopers

Joaquin Adormeo

Coby is the ultimate inspiration.

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The song plz

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So sad the sharks are dead.

blue splash

Me when I was 7: Then why didn't you go to Canada



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thanks for pointing out the obvious -_-

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She's a boss for sure!

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Its just like avenger trailer wich always give me some goosebumps

Pete Inglis


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also forgot to add the sword in the stone easter egg

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Next game FIFA 18 please

10,000 subs with no videos


Albert Becerra

Complacency kills

ILove Undertale8267

I was dying to watch all 3 grown men sing to sprinkles XD

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Triple Triad comes back? YEEES!!!

Xx_gamernoob_xX 2 FFC

the lesson is always love children no matter what or what sexuality you are the important is what you and they feel in the heart

Infinite Magic

Pls do this fruit slicing battle