How to install backer board/durock for floor tile

Installation of 1/4" backer board for tile floor installationFor more visit


I have played all the games on this list. Only one of these easter eggs I had done was the suffering. I looked up and saw a light so I went up.



talha emre ünal

dj khaled sign in 2:07 nice one m8

I can't read this!

Musket G

Hamilton romance advice 101

Patrick Z

I knew it

shae osgood

its so sad how people can get away with this

Faizan Masroor

Read the credits at the end and look at the storyboard...

Kaylinda Blaylick

Philz Coffee


Cory got 2! Anyone in 2019?


Show route Ty. But the rage

Sadron of Lothlórien

Can you steer the dragon?

water lemon

can u make a top 10 whatever valve games video c;

just to let you know, karma exist's

Arianna Holey

Im 100% anxious type and that lead to my boyfriend needing a break bc he feels like he’s my “emotional anchor”

Hugo Chastagner

Il y a du trucag

Mikhail Pugliano

Such nice music for the intro

Mateus Henry

I found all of the hidden cars in the simpsons hit and run

T Dog

Came for the material, stayed for the material and got a nice bonus of great production value and music selection from the old and new. Great video!


Oh fuck you all sensitive twats. Fuck you idiotic feminists and other retarded offenders. Normal pepole - nevermind.

Killer K Boesen

god this is actually good

Slurpuff Show

im freaking crying right know

Theo Levy

the panda vids are soooooo much better than the basketball shots.. no joke

weltybrush 1025

Is game of thrones actually good I haven't seen it but, it does look quite interesting

Toby Neal



That last one is kinda creepy. lol

Gavin Steppert

2018 December??


Next do the pancakes from Dexter

please sub :(

Kiwi _Kayy

Btw “don’t come back” wow that’s a bad hospital crunchy hospital


Coby’s real first Battle Win😂


My dad used to hit me when he was drunk when I was a kid, and there is still verbal abuse, and my anxiety was so high as well, I resorted to dissociating from the horrible yelling.

OldGranny 101

Go patriots

Cupcake Cart

6:49. Rage Monster returns.

Ella Macdormand

can you do hockey sterotypes

Malak Aoues

thank goodd

Md.Imran Hasan Mollah

I wanna be a artist but I get really sad when I see my classmate getting better and better there drawing real people and here iam drawing stick figure but I always tell my self just one day I will be the star of my life

Helluh sama

Hes pretty nice.

Eve Grace

I wanna smaccc his mom so badddddd

Carmen González


Hamid 123

real Madrid


TY looks like morgz step dad


For the traitor one nice jerseys

Anasia Echavarria

Why isnt the registration working?Im trying to log in to tell a story,but when i do,it says that public registration is closed!Can you help me solve this problem please?

Kohin Khandwalla

what about the chair from i am legend and pie island?


If you could go in Paris in the tower u no what which tower it is!!!

Jenn Nguyen

I wanna know who panda is


Didn't you guys make a trick shot on the court?


Great video .I hope you will be able to uploud more

Not Bear 3

I’m a boi and people should date me because I’m a good person and also funny