How to create your strategic plan.

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Break break breakthrough

jaquane patterson

Everything about this guy screams narcissist.

Martin Sargsyan

Lavna ilal

Liam Arps

who else gets those dumb fortnite ads when you are trying to watch apex like if you got one and agree

Malika Diza

I wanna marry him!!! 😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️❤️ I love his attitude, hard working, kind, loving, sweet...positive..handsome ....😍 an amazing black king 👑 ....I won’t forget your name Joseph Allen!!


JJ and his money

J.T. Petherick



Final song? It isn't "Climbing"

Der Pate

so amazing Guru!!! 👍 😎

Crystal & Zara Najimi

The last one made my heart melt

bhgv 23

Remember back when Pixar was superior to Disney?

Natalie_ The#1WhyDon'tWeFanCx

Cold world out there, kids,

The Wonderful Life Of ME

Be careful with those knifes dont be like lance and cut your finger open


Was looking forward to this one! Thanks Guru!!!


It wasn't just a samurai...

Devin Frederick

Why do I watch these but I think they are fake


its not about the look its about the feeling of the preson

RiSe Typhoon

In darts you don't even go for bull's-eye


I was clickbaited by lightning

Rocket Bunnya

Continue to subtitle your video please, even if you want to talk ^^

Jake caserta

Did any body else realize on the playground rainbow shot Garrett got hit in the nuts

YummyPizzaSlice 707

It was the kids fault


That's not anxiety; thats your evil inner voice giving you anxiety. I know, my evil inner voice always looks back at the embarrassing moments of my past. Additionally my evil inner voice is very impatient, stuck up, and quick tempered. We all have them, but it's up to ourselves to kick them out when necessary.

Creepy Cheese

Pink girl deserves da tears


You guys are fucking epic!!!

ellie herley

you guys should add a little sceane of bloopers

I said “good bye mom!” And only five steps and anne was judging me..

Dani Hyungi

Not rookies anymore

Keenan Ignacio

3:08 it went in :O

Mitchell Steele

manziel remember this in the NFL 👌👌

The Besties

i can’t even afford a 6 piece chicken nuggets....

Nuniii NAM555

My dads uncle died at his honey moon because his parachute didn’t open! It was really sad for my dad


there are three easter eggs you missed, at the hq on the wall with the missing people there are references to Rick and Morty, the joker, and tom clancy

Sofia Rudinská


Natalie Brakefield

Man... that was deep

Kermit The Frog

I didn’t know this was a King Kong sequel

I didn't know what to write


Small boobs and big head. Wtf Disney?



Ameya Kohli

“No 9-5 put tht work in” all the real dope boys sumwhere buggin out💀

Nycol Daniela Mosquera Moreno



Plays FIFA while at a baseball stadium.

LatchIBoi 57016

When Ty had the go-pro on his boat I have the same one




i remember reading somewhere that if u mirror the first cloverfield poster it has the same silhouette as the alien's face

Jt Giambattista

Ty should become a professional singer lol

so. THEM

leopard pelt newman

The best friend looks like Patten from the sanders sides