Hafiz Abdullah E03 : PHP Quraner Alo 2018


thank you for apologizing for the Dobby clip. That one still hurts..

I will do a fortnite dance on your grave

I can't decide if this is a Korean drama or a wattpad fanfic about a black haired Harry Styles

Drake Elworthy

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kashmala khan



After a Billion years they put a SSD in their stoopid console... smfh


Space jam

Andre Alyass

Lol in black flag out of the animus u hack a computer and it give a huge reference about the future is in Blume and ctos

Theone_whohasproblems 288

Why is grandma black XD

Liza Jane

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Jahn Mark

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phil wilder

i wish this was more like assasins creed :(

Jenson Palmer

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Love Peace

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Free Views by the way

Me: my mom is in Colorado and my dad went shopping .-.

Ryan Nichols

It's a tall order to come out after this injury and carry a team in the finals.

Emily DeVries

Panda falling from the tree

Cooper Brooks

Four years ago today this video was made!

This video is c


Wearing two headphones and watching this video is GOD LIKE.


This is the best video yet

what has this world come to?

Charlie Thomas

University of Texas at Austin video! """""""Nuclear Ninjas""""""" check it out!!!

Samuel Buddo


luca körner

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A to Z

You should do one with choppers


Alex Rudd

wow! the person who submitted this is a total ignorant shitbag

I can't put my family through more than they already have to just to deal with my mentally ill brain, and I can't give them the burden of knowing that they're basically the biggest point in my life right now that's giving me depression and anxiety.

shaun alex The Artist

Sound like every other song

Me: FAKE STORY!!!!!!!


You also need money fyi


An 8 year-old with a phone?

Aditya Das

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fazhan555777 Youtube

which fifa game

Straight chlorine

Gamer 118

I draw anime

Jennifer Cushman

My mother suffers from adult asthma. But the one very stupid thing that she did when she was younger is that she smoke cigarettes. She said she didn't smoke all that much. But that is not how me and my older brother remembers it. Since we were always on her constant case about when she was going to quit. Now she is 63 years old and is now on medication for her asthma and stuff like that. Her husband my stepfather is the same way as her. Since he used to be a pipe smoker. But had to quit some years ago. And he now has a mild form of copd. And as for my now late father. He died on his 63rd birthday back in 2011. He had prostate cancer. And guess what he was a smoker as well. His prostate cancer was either from his smoking. Or from when he was exposed to Agent Orange. During the 2 years he spent in the Vietnam War. Makes me extremely glad that me and my brother don't smoke at all. And we both can breathe just fine. Because we didn't make a very stupid mistake by smoking. And for this girl to have asthma and be a smoker it is no wonder why this girl is dead now. Because you have to be a real idiot to start smoking to begin while having asthma. And to hear she was a mother of 2 young kids. If she was a good mother she would have thought about her kids first. And stop smoking immediately. I'm sorry but when I hear stories about smokers it just makes me really angry. And I am not sympathetic when it comes to them. Since I lived with smokers for more than half my life. And I lost about 3 or 4 relatives because of their smoking habit. I even have an aunt who from what I had heard had her one lung removed. Because of her constant smoking. And as far as I know she is still smoking. Because she refuses to quit. So you have to excuse me for showing only anger towards the idiot in this story. When it comes to smokers I show 100% no sympathy towards them what so ever. Because it is their own fault for smoking to begin with.