Far Out - Origin

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No Name

Why did YouTube decide to recommend me this after 10 years

MidLife Crisis

gr8 vid


Frozen 2: Endgame edition

Real life Gamer


poop poo

Tyler is good at battles that need strength

Anxietic T-T


Jay’s Corner

The title should be Easter eggos

Jackson Whitmire

What kind of markers are they using?


I wonder what would happen if u shoot the heart in that Statue of happiness? o.O

Fancy Lamp

lol the video is 420 too


Steve Kerr a freak


fuck the trolls who think this is fake, btw nice shot man

Maysa B

i think you will make it :D

Latarsha Moore

I don't have a problem with an open relationship I actually have a group of friends that have open relationship's there awesome

hybirdcrystal9 Garrison

there's a cord around her neck!!!!! Yup WELCOME to my life friend welcome to my life

Our silence was broken by her beautiful speech now light and relieved. She talked about how we used to play Clash of Clans and how I was obsessed with it for a while. We laughed and smiled as we talked. Finally I turned off the lights and wished her good night. Then I heard her whisper, "Kiss me. Please! I love you" I did just that. We were locked in a kiss and an embrace for 10 blissful minutes before we had to let go. Well, I thought, we will have a lot of time to do this. She fell asleep while I woke up ready to defend her. Yet I didn't know when I myself fell asleep.

Justin C

you are abusing my eyes SO SHUT UP

Murenzi John Bosco

cody i love the song



Zai McCabe

There is A113 in monsters inc tho

Daphne Anne

Did you guys see in 6:00 lol

nigga hoe

It is no nut nomvber


Damn. That shrek one is depressing.


I, uhh, dont know what to say about the wallet situation.

Ákos Koppány

Next sport:WORKOUT😂😂💪💪

Namjoon’s Crab

People say that no one is forced to send pictures if they are being pressured and they can tell someone but...when you are in that situation, and someone keeps pressuring you, you feel weak and pulled down so you end up giving in. For most people It is hard to talk About these kind of things. You feel scared and alone like you have no other choice. But this is only my opinion. It is obviously different for some people but this is mainly the case.💜

Cannon Janson

Rage monster was the best on this one. Lol😂😂😂😂

Subscribe To my d***

He could have went straight to marriage counseling instead of giving up on her so quick :/


guru you rock, autolike activated


1:10 DJ khaled

Sen Mitch

😥😥😥💙🏁 I know this dude wouldn't want us crying all the damn time. But damn I feel like I lost a nephew.

Chempoh John

But he should have taken gaming as profession... Yup they earn lot 😁😁


Ohhhhhhh my God 2:46 :D

Jess j

My relationship with my ex did not work out and it was hard to let go of him (I’m still actually in the process). There are times I just put excuses into the reason why things went down between us but it’s just a part of the endowment effect

Nine year old Army

Wait Rudy and the “Girl” were robots... woah


This seems like somebody wanted their trip to Hawai'i to be a tax write off 😂😂


thats how king crimson works

Amoura Brams

What is OCD?

Seth The baseball king19


Sharina ThePerson

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