Eric Andre Tells Outrageous Guest Stories from Adult Swim’s “The Eric Andre Show” | Rich Eisen Show

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Hlao Moua

I'm 16 and I'm expecting the same thing but my only escape is my girlfriend I haven't seen or told everyone not even my girlfriend I need help



Opposite Animations

Just remember... "Even though I look like a BURNT chicken nugget, I still love myself."


4:10 Cory’s face.

Silvia Molina


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the pilot(s). I’m glad the building wasn’t built like “building 7.”

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Do hockey trick shoots with Jamie ben

sweetheart cool

whats ocd

Lachlan OHara


[Blue galaxy] dark ice Wolfie

I don’t fear death....I’m just scared of hurting my loved ones the only reason people hate death it’s because it sometimes killed there loved ones that’s why.....but if I ever had this happen to me I’d except my life and loved ones....

Army and Artist

Hate the over emotional voice acting but otherwise........regular level of minutevideos trauma

Zai Gantala

i experiencing all of these..


Please make trick shot video on yo yo

Lucas Stoodley

I am a boy watching this my cousin said getting kicked in the balls hurts and my cousin had a baby 3 years ago and she said it felt like a watermelon coming out of her you know what

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Korrekte aktion sehr cool von euch;);)

Epic panda

But she don't have ass tho

thaddeus nobles

Your bill gates

In the end.... Reference some flat earther... its cute.

Lil Shenron

What I like:Graphics and the small gameplay and some other small things

Ur Mom

you still have yet to disappoint me with your videos, fortunately that’s probably never gonna happen (:

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Every time guru uploads i orgasm.


just realized that spongebob references twilight zone too...


superpolo 29

3:46 Is that a motherfucking jojo reference ?

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That was scary and a little funnyWhen panda is hiding behind the tree


This game should be called death of the wild.

Truly B.

😢💯🙏🙏💯💯nicely put together tribute to Nipsey Hussle The Great #AMB #A$I

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when the man said "big time" it looks like the ball is going to hit the camera.

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Like I've said before. FunWithGuru + Editing = a good time

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чо так орать после каждой попытки "ЙЕЕЕЕЕЕеее" будто выиграли в лотерее блин =)

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Hey um u don't hear this alto maybe but hearing someone talk with no interrupts it soothes me hearing someone talk instead of just reading everything on a bad day in just saying if u make a video at least every few videos talk

Also Me: Im Gonna Kick You So Hard In The Balls Your Grandchildren Will Feel It...

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auto correct


This was made the day after my birthday

Sometimes my mum will call me things,like “stupid” or “brat” But at the end of the day,she tells me she loves me, and she doesn’t mean to say all those bad things,and she also says that she doesn’t mean to moan at me and she would never give me up. T


Ok you’re an ahole but what about your kid?

Cathrine Smith

I know how u feel because I am like u I know the feeling like u don’t belong but like me there r so many people who care for u


XBOX2 vs ps5

"He would like another chance to explain..."



The Black Panther


Mr Beast 2

Ty looks mist like his dad

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(Sry for my englisch i am from germany) your videos are really cool and funny pls don't stop with videos :)

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You used debite card

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they should do a paintball battle against each other no teams. sick guns and outfits

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You are so cool winners

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once again great vid

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Jet fuel wasn't enough to burn through the shingles on this place... Just saying.

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My mom was told by her doctors that she couldn’t have kids. That there was no use in trying because she couldn’t conceive. She had 6 miscarriages one of them actually didn’t make it to her uterus and starting to grow in her tubing. Many many years of trying and failing....I came along and I didn’t make it easy for her. She had a rough pregnancy with me...Many difficulties. She was in labor for 24 hours....I didn’t want to come out as she said lol. I was born a whole month past my due date. I was miracle baby #7❤️ 2ft long and 8lbs😂

Rxseeey think that’s bad, Once I poured my milk before my cereal .. On taco tuseday! Oh I feel dirty