DIY: Easy Batten Board Walls, Board and Batten Technique / Tutorial, wall trim

DIY: Easy Batten Board Walls -- Board and Batten Technique Learn how to create an easy batten board wall finish to add architectural and aesthetic interest to plain walls in your home or office. All materials can easily be found in your local home improvement store.Checklist:Pine Hardwood Planks (trimmed to size) Pine is recommended for damp or humid areas. *In this tutorial I selected 1x4's for the horizontal shelf, and 1x2's for the vertical slats. Try to find straight pieces of wood with little to no flaws on the surface or edges. Minor defects can always be repaired or leveled with spackling.*Level Paint RollerPaint PanPaint (Satin finish is recommended for humid areas, orange peel, stucco, rough finish walls, or uneven surfaces)Marking Tool (pencil or pen)Blue Painters TapeWood Adhesive (i/e Liquid Nails)Caulking (Acrylic Latex or Mildew Free )Caulk Gun (or purchase squeeze tube caulking)Miter Box and Handsaw KitSanding Block Tape MeasureSpacklingPutty KnifeScrewsScrewdriverPower DrillStud FinderBrad Nailer (Or awl and hammer)Remember - Measure twice, cut once!Good Luck!This would be a terrific DIY home improvement project for the weekend. I completed this project with no assistance over the course of two days; a cumulative total of approximately 8 hours (5 hours the first day, 3 the second).Wall colors selected: Valspar Satin Finish Interior Paint for batten board walls and trim work in Bright White, Main wall color is Valspar Woodrow Wilson's Putty.Topics Include:How to board and batten interior walls How to batten board wallsBatten board tutorial How to batten board without removing baseboardsKeep existing baseboards with batten board walls

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