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Connie Deloreto

1.38 dose Garrett smoke

Mystery Gamer

Because of this video, you got me into zombies, and I thank you for that


boohoo I’m a homophobe but I’m not a BAD person

Will Hirst


Literally no one:

Agung Gorda

You're happy but you're sad:) ;(


I’m here missing the toilet when I piss

Miraculous Simpson

Ohh I feel so bad for ya

harif bepari

How did you learn it

Patrick Lowndes

I wonder what happens if you shoot both the arms and heads of the mannequins at the same time


The Muto sounds in the Godzilla movie give me CRAAZY ASMR!

Will Funderburk


sasara san


Idk about you guys, but I love these guys. But its hard to beleive that it is not photoshoped:(

Jacko Skullgamer

Cody is a fish-licker I saw him lick the fish

Mikaylyn & Friends


jotape cito

Where dem anime titties at??!?

Izaan Shaikh

Would be better if there was a extra balloon in the airdrop🎈🎈

Kobe Kevin

Dude Perfect Vs Goosebump Actors ;)

Zeiny Kim

IMAGINE this a video for you as JK's Girl, but please read the first word again.

Creative Studios

2:33 - 3:13; easily the most funniest part of the video

It’s not a Phase mom

me, reads the word hit

Junpei Draws / Gacha

I always cheat on math tests! But for a boy that cheat on a girl for a very long time... Thats wrong

The brothers Of destruction

Stop the hate abusive mums are painful I can relate

And the cat in the hat....that one made me laugh so hard

Shubhi Yadav

I thought it was normal wait it’s not?

Daffa Abil


Elvira Arriaga

Awesome Like 👍Video

Jordan Migas

17 bounces and then in the hole at 6:15


2:51 that's a credit card bruh

please sub :(

James Chung

Hey this is your first video music

precious nochu

(a kpop fan watched ypur video)


Video game stereotypes

Stanley hutson

Actually got tingles at the Snape scene


11:14 you're*

Owl Leep

Im a psychopath.

Purple Dragon

how does cody know all about thoose

I drop kicked john into a garage door obtained the infinity crystals, smash ball, and sonic crystals while unleashing all hell before he could say "I'm sorry"