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Jacob MacDonald

Is mr.ecusses in every stereotypes?


Cool Boy

Todd is not in zootopia or the incredibles its appears as an asteroid at the beginning of the movie and it appears in finding dory underwater

Dad opens the door

GS Chokee



Nice maltilda cake scene



Damned On A Dime

*burp..* Got that right. *falls over* im not as think as you durnk i ma.

Bunny - im gonna knock all this shit over.

Disconnected Wolfyie

Can everyone tell me why peaple say and i oop

LM5hassnatchedme already

She kinda became crazy and had those kinda withdrawal symptoms at the end to have accepted that relationship and that it is okay to love multiple ppl at the same time.

Otaku Princess

July 2018 😅

TPT Vlogs

Hay qua

Ina Ric

She did the right thing


Harry’s “Ohs” after he got swiped left killed me😂🤣

kevin embrey

why is he not a Qb?

Gábor Agárdi

13:56 a wild bojler spotted??

Happy Hedgehog

I'm not afraid of telling them, im afraid their going to start crying because they are scared about me, which will make me start crying, and I don't want them to think they failed me. Because they didn't, I just feel awful sometimes.

Parv Bhatia

Make a video on giant ping pong

The Goldilocks Channel

my grade two teacher was horrible to me she gave me nightmares she hurt me but not phsically but with strong words and will make me feel sick when i go to school the worst part was my hero was barelly there for me witch is my dad his work left him t the road all the time i never really got to see him i told my mom about this and one thing that still makes me feel sad is that she blamed every bed thing that happend in class she blamed me for doing somethign bad outside when it was the other person


Drag me to Hell was a good choice.  They beat the piss out of that poor woman.

Starlight GT

Sam, can you please give the food at least 5 mins to cool down before you eat it

RockytheKidd 009

Also known as sellout trickshots

rebecca smith



Awesome vid man !


Running out of ideas BTW

Manuel Colegio

hey what's going on ?

vania putri

I cried so bad for this :(

Rashid Mamalinta

What The Title Of Blow It up Bang @Dude Perfect +Dude Perfect ? ?!

Magdalena Dela Cruz

I hope 🤞 I can get a shoutout

Loots Margolin

I am definitely mr mood swing

shadowtrooper 262

Wow u really found more COD WW2 easter eggs even referencing my fav star wars.

liea croch Msp

the boy: i named myself rome02.....cuz of my two fav pkayers and my birthday.......


How did you miss the arcade machine, with a chicken equipped with cluckshots on ashes?

Şehsuvar Ekin

Comment News: Dj khaled took control of youtube comments

Ninue Nite

Tyler Seigun and Jamie Benn will forever be the best friends we all know and love today

CasualDuNk :P

Psychologist has left the chat

ioanna spanoudi

This comment section though.

Didn't see that coming


Is this a story from Escape Room


Oh I remember a quote, "If you value your life then stop wasting time, because time is what life is made of" I think it's from Bruce Lee.

steven sardina

Messi all the way

Rick Sanchez

People always talk shit about Wing chun. Yet the best fighters in MMA use it. Tony Ferguson and Anderson Silva..for example

Colby Reed

Garret got jealous for a sec7:27

Trevy Thousand

Welp if you was me you would be lucky to not make a bet on seeing who gets to the park first


In that store with the Aztec mask the shopkeeper mentions the professor from the first game, Harold MacDougal when telling you his book is a secret switch

Rogelio Gutierrez