12 Unusual Abandoned Technology and Vehicles

Subscribe ► inventions can change the world, and become essential parts of the way we live our lives. Not every invention is a success though. Sometimes they just don’t work out as planned. In other cases, the world just wasn’t ready for them yet. When unusual vehicles or technological developments turn out not to be required, they become abandoned and turn into strange, forgotten curiosities. This video is packed full of weird and wonderful creations!For all questions contact us at: amazingstockchannel@gmail.com

Young Griff

FunWithGuru that whole teen titans go scene was a Westworld refrence. Along with the maze, the piano is a reference to the same self-playing one in the bar, and the masks above the piano reference the ones in Fords office (one of which is in turn a reference to Bioshock).

Jodie Marcellino

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This is really good but i was kinda hoping for an april fools video named "Top 10 easter eggs in video games" and all of them would've been the Dark Souls bonfire "easter eggs."

Blue Pot

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Tasha Martin

My favorite was the home run feild goal and I got some merch


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Ongo Gablogian

Arthur Morgan + Dapper Outfit = Badass


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Void Berzerk

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Loran Rizkallah

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Ketogenic astronaut

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Aced Gaming

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King O.C

is the troll dead or sleeping? 2:19

Radman Vahabzadeh

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James Redic

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C Fender

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AC4 easter eggs


So Guru is about 20?


Now that Nicholas Cage was caught under sexual misconduct, that 'would you rather' question became a lot easier!

Gabe Williams

It’s totally not like PCs have been capable of this for over a decade or anything